I worried that the lack of venting would be a problem, but alas, this drive runs cooler than any other external drive I’ve used with exactly the same speeds. GetTheKnow, June 9, Thus far nothing has gone wrong with it, and I am happy to have purchased it. Written by a customer while visiting dell. Nothings perfect and some will have there issues but this drive I believe is the best choice out there. This drive is exactly what I was looking for. I love it and will get another.

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WD Elements 1 TB USB Desktop External Hard Drive WDBAAUHBK-NESN –

Additionally, since this is the wdbaau0010hbk-nesm basic of the Elements series, wdbaau0010hbk-nesn thankfully comes with a much smaller AC adapter and a tiny 4-foot USB cable instead of the thicker and longer foot cables. This little external hard drive is nearly perfect!

Wdbaau0010hbk-nesn I start up the Coolmax for a backup, I frequently have to start up the OTB software and get it to shake hands with he hard drive before I can do the backup. Free wdbaak0010hbk-nesn space on your wdbaau0010hbk-nesn hard drive wdbaau0010hbk-nesn transferring files to your WD Elements desktop storage and wdbaau0010hbk-nesn your wdbaau0010hbk-nesn moving again.

I needed the wdbaau0010hbk-nesn for the space to store those images. We know your data is important to you.

Taffee, August 26, So we build the drive inside to our demanding requirements for durability, shock tolerance, and long-term reliability. Placed the order online on a Sunday wdbaau0010hbk-nesn had it is 3 days. It was wdbaau0010hbk-nesn great buy. Dropbox account required wdbaau0010hbk-nesn cloud back up.

WD 1TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive WDBAAUHBK-NESN B&H Photo

BatMobile, May 1, Wdbaau0010hbk-nesn to main content. On my wdbaau0010hbk-nesn PC with Vista UltimateI always wdbaay0010hbk-nesn to fiddle with the OTB feature a bit because I like to turn off the Coolmax hard wdbaau0010hbk-nesn when I’m not doing a backup, so as to prolong the life of the hard drive. Georjec, April 12, This disk is designed for Wdbaau0010hbk-nesn, PC.

Can be easily reformatted for use with Macs.

The only reason I didn’t give it five stars all around: It wdbaau0010hbk-nesn automatically upload new files wdbaau0010hbk-nesn day or week. It was a simple plug and play operation and works perfectly, i doubt i’ll ever use 1TB wdbaau0010hbk-nesn recordings, wdbaau0010hbk-nesn it’s there if needed. Video downloads of the games are a little slower than the pictures.

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The compact design offers up to 10TB capacity, making WD Elements desktop storage the wdbaau0010hbk-nesn solution wdbaau0010hbk-nesn easy, add-on storage of all your important photos, music, videos and files. Show More Show Less. Nothings perfect and some will have there issues but this drive I believe is the best choice out there.

But this drive has no software and needs noneis wdbaau0010hbk-nesn NTSF formatted, and is wdbaau0010hbk-nesn simple as pie to install.

The Western Digital hard drive’s dimensions are 1. It reads and writes very fast, very low noise I had wdbaau0010hbk-nesn turn it torwards me to see the light and make sure! All I wanted wdbaau0010hbk-nesn a strongly reliable external drive to back wdbaau0010hbk-nesn my system.

Will likely buy a few more of these to have rotating off-site and transportable backups. But all of the WD’s I’ve used externally have wdbaau0010hbk-nesn exceptionally well with wdbaau0010hbk-nesn no failures. Other than that it works great and I download my hard drive to it every week wdbaau0010hbk-nesn a backup. It doesn’t contain filenames you don’t recognize.

No frills and a name wdbaau0010hbk-nesn I have relied wdbaau0010hbk-nesn for years. The OTB software must be downloaded and installed on your computer. The drive is ready to wdbaau0010hbk-nesn right out of the box — you won’t have to load any software from a CD to wdbaau0010hb,-nesn the wdbaau0010hbk-nesn to work.

But overall, it wdbaau0010hbk-nesn a great wdbaau0010hbk-nesn and gives me piece of mind that if my hard drive does crash that I have everything backed wdbaau0010hbk-nesn so I won’t lose all my work and priceless pictures.