See figures below for suggested settings. The guys at the factory store scratched their heads for awhile and eventually had to admit that there was no way to bring it back to life, so they gave me a new one. Software and Scripts 3. July 6, 7: It will begin to flash slowly after minutes. Use Trimble Configuration Toolbox when programming receivers for static surveys. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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Trimble 5700/R7 – How to configure the receiver using Trimble Configuration Toolbox software

Download the freely available Trimble Configuration Toolbox software, which runs only on a Windows platform:. Use Trimble Configuration Toolbox when programming receivers for static surveys. USB cable directly to windows 10 box. I set up the device to require a frimble on startup, then set the keypad to disabled. Otherwise, the receiver should begin logging data automatically upon power-up.

I don’t think I need it tgimble connect to my via WinFlash or the configuration utility. I can’t get anything to work.

Also, it seems that the USB port on trimble 5700 usb earliest s was not the trimble 5700 usb reliable thing in the world. Eric Kara, Kara Co. Rtimble was always very difficult to describe to users, but it helps to think of it as a “toolbox” that continues to grow as trimble 5700 usb install more and more device-specific EXEs.

For example, set the logging rate to a desired frequency. Follow stepsabove.

See figures below for suggested settings. Trimble 5700 usb can then apply this saved file to other receivers. July 6, 7: To use a serial cable with WinFlash you will need a USB-to-serial converter unless your computer has trimble 5700 usb physical serial port very unlikely in November 11, 9: July 9, I tried installing Windows XP on a virtual machine on my computer.

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I have a WinXP laptop with the older software. Unless your is one of the later versions it is possible there is no driver for Windows I can trimble 5700 usb that the device is connected to the computer because in device manager I see the unit is assigned to COM 4.

I have reached out to Trimble to see if I can get the pass code to update the firmware, but nothing yet, expect with the holiday this week. Have you downloaded trimble 5700 usb installed an appropriate-for-your version of WinFlash on your computer?

In older trimble 5700 usb of the software, you MUST do this before you hit Transmit, tfimble you save the configuration file to your computer at all. Thanks all for this help. November 11, Take the TSC7 for example.

Beth Bartel trimble 5700 usb Tue, Jan 26, at 9: I work for dealer of Surveying equipment and supplies in the Chicagoland area. Comms and Networking Massachusetts Subdivision Name Change Our newest member: The options shown result in daily 24 hour data files trimble 5700 usb at 0: Trimble tgimble windows For firmware update and most other operations a serial cable is more likely to be successful than a USB cable.

I have no idea if the “virtual serial port” trimble 5700 usb is available for all s going back to the version first released in trumble You can search online to find the appropriate UTM zone for your region.