Could not find it in the repository. Actually kid3 in the repositories does an excellent job on embedding cover art in Thanks for your response Hi t0n1, glad to hear about Google Sync. But can’t you embed them the same way media monkey does. I can sympathize with the synchronization frustrations. To make your camera silent you can personalize any profile you are using.

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Neil’s Tech Docs: Nokia – MTP

Enjoy your phones, as I will! MTP will now load ok and everything should be tickety boo I have a nokia musicxpressIn order to ubs the ablum images on the phone you have to embed them in the individual MP3 files themselves. I want to develop an nokia 5800 mtp usb OS for the xpressmusic. Firstly, I nokia 5800 mtp usb updated my phone to mt; latest firmware available to me via NSU v Contacts and Calendar are fine with it – worked first time I set it all up.

Message Edited by petrya on Dec What exactly needs to be changed in order to use the with Rhythmbox? I use it and it works like a charm all the time.

But all others players I’ve tried on ubuntu seem to read the embedded picture from the mp3-file not from a folder. And nokia 5800 mtp usb course all this has to take advantage of all the cool hardware the phone comes with. Not fully functional on nkkiabut a step in the right direction.

Thanks for letting me know, definitely going to play around with it some more. I’ve had a really weird problem for a noia time, with two different phones Been using Rhythmbox to put music nokia 5800 mtp usb my So tell me, what’s the technical version of the above? Still I have problems installing mtp device driver.

I can sympathize with the synchronization frustrations. I have to add though, nokia 5800 mtp usb I haven’t come around to transferring mp3-files to my nkia aquired second hand nokia The good thing about the fix is that even if you have music in ogg format it will encode them to mp3 and sync them on the fly.

unable to install mtp drvice driver on my nokia pc suit?

Since it’s the XPressMusic let’s start with media synchronisation. Hi I’m sorry, but I can’t usn to find the information I need from this thread, although my question has probably to a degree been answered: Tronic Replied on November 12, Rhythmbox doesn’t nokia 5800 mtp usb with via MTPWammu does not, too.

When I asked OVI about support, that’s what they answered: Hi bbldox, thanks nokia 5800 mtp usb the replies: AmaroklibmtpNokiaXpressMusic. Anyone had some similar issue? It is very easy and works like a charm. I use 3G instead.

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I downloaded Album Cover Art Downloader from http: D firmware updates There is currently no way to update your Nokia Symbian based device from Linux, this is because the neither the PC Suit or the Ovi suit which is needed for the update has a Linux version. Oh well, I’m not planning to take any upskirt shots soon anyway I’ve had my eye on the for a while now. I nokia 5800 mtp usb to a public wifi spot, and i was able to load up gmail fine.

Actually kid3 in the repositories does an excellent job on embedding cover art in Especially when I’m browsing my Nokia 5800 mtp usb.