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As part of Chaminade’s program of Advancing the Mission, a sixteen Bloomberg terminal business center was added to campus. All of our students will benefit from access to this powerful information technology, not just those who may have a future business orientation. Many of our graduates go into the business and financial world. Yet even graduates who don’t work specifically in these fields will all be home owners some day and will need an understanding of how financial markets work. Chaminade High School is the only high school in the United States that has a sixteen-terminal Bloomberg Business Center.

The Bloomberg technology is integrated into Chaminade’s mathematics curriculum on the junior year and senior year levels.

Over the summer, Chaminade sponsors Bloomberg Financial Workshops. The workshops, held over 5 evenings, feature intensive courses covering a variety of topics:

• Business & Portfolio Management
• Marketing & Finance Research
•Economics & Mathematics

An introduction to tools not found in any other high school in the country allows our students to deepen both their research and classwork, while learning how to analyze financial markets, assess economic scenarios and interpreting the key news developments and their impact on the global economy. Skills acquired from these workshops allow attendees to return to the Bloomberg Business Center to obtain Bloomberg certification at their convenience.

Finally, the Bloomberg Business Center is open to alumni who wish to utilize the terminals on an availability basis.

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