Saragossa Day Retreat Center

Chaminade High School

Built in 2015, Saragossa is the newest addition to the Mineola campus at Chaminade High School. The retreat center serves as modern space where students can continue to pursue relationships with both their peers and their faith.

Named after Saragossa, Spain, the city in which Blessed William Joseph Chaminade took sanctuary during a period of turmoil in France. While in Saragossa, Father Chaminade established his religious order, the Marianists. Saragossa hosts Homeroom-based day retreats for freshmen and sophomores.

Sitting adjacent to the AAC, Saragossa boasts three floors of accommodations for students participating in a retreat. The kitchen and eating area is found in the basement. Next, the main floor sports a giant living room with four different seating areas for each discussion group to converse about the topics presented at the retreat and compete in faculty-led games. Finally, the top floor houses a spectacular chapel with seating for approximately 50 people. The chairs and altar sit before a grand window, which is subject to a beautiful ray of sunlight in the afternoon. Making Saragossa all the more beautiful and educationally opportune are posters and facts of Blessed Father Chaminade’s religious journey throughout Europe.

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  • Contact: Bro. Thomas Cleary
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